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Stutsman County
Inhabited as of 5/13

Eldridge, ND ?>

Eldridge, ND

Located in Stutsman County just a few minutes west of Jamestown, Eldridge is a very small community of perhaps a dozen residents. Eldridge began as Burton in 1879 but was renamed in honor of a local Bonanza farmer a year later. At one time, Eldridge was home to nearly 100 residents. We originally became aware of Eldridge in June of 2010 when Dustin Person sent us a photo of the school. Rat and I arrived at 7 am on a…

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Eldridge School ?>

Eldridge School

Dustin Person contributed this photo of the Eldridge School with the following comments: Eldridge is inhabited by about 20 residents in 10 or so houses, and is just west of Jamestown off I-94. Most of the houses are well kept, and there is a very large elevator in town, that is still operational. Most of the pictures I took were of the school, which was amazing to me. There is a fence around the school, so I couldn’t get too…

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