Revisiting Tiny Haley, North Dakota

Haley, North Dakota

We revisited Haley, North Dakota in July of 2015, eight years after our first visit in 2007. We had mentioned to a convenience store clerk that we were out photographing ghost towns and abandoned buildings, and she said, “You guys need to go to Haley.” We weren’t far away, so we stopped in for a […]

More Views of Haley


Haley, ND is in Bowman County, southwest of Bismarck, right on the border with South Dakota. As of our visit, Haley had a population of two. These are additional photos from the archive. Click Here to see our main Haley gallery. The view from the rear of the Post Office. Photos by Troy Larson and Terry […]

Tiny Haley, North Dakota


Haley, North Dakota is a near-ghost town in Bowman County, southwest of Bismarck. We met the residents of Haley when we visited in 2007. There were two of them. Recounting as best we can from memory, the story goes something like: the last resident died, passed the property on to a daughter, who in turn […]