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Williams County
Inhabited as of 7/10

Another Look at Hanks ?>

Another Look at Hanks

Clif Nelson contributed these photos of Hanks, North Dakota, a near-ghost town in Williams County — population one. Clif’s comments: “It was never much of a town, but they had coal mines north of town and grain elevatorsin the early 1900’s.  My Grandfather Anton Nelson who farmed about 7 miles northwest of Hanks would haul a load of grain in and haul coal home from the mines just north of the town of Hanks.  They had a bank at one time, and…

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A Lonely Outpost: Hanks, North Dakota ?>

A Lonely Outpost: Hanks, North Dakota

Thank you to John Piepkorn for contributing these photos of Hanks. John’s comments: I stopped in Hanks, North Dakota and took some pictures of the remaining structures. I also talked to the one remaining resident for about 15 minutes, she said she had heard of Ghosts of North Dakota, and I asked if I could take a few pictures of the town. I took some of an abandoned house at the top of the hill, some of the cemetery which…

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