The Last Resident of Heaton


North Dakota has dozens of small towns approaching ghost town status. As the population declines, they tend to go through a transition period during which the population fluctuates. Aging residents pass away and young people go off to college. It’s not uncommon for a town to be abandoned, only to be re-inhabited for a time–drawing […]

Heaton – Six Years Later


Wells County Inhabited as of 5/10 We returned to Heaton nearly six years after our first trip in 2004. How things have changed. CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE This is an animation showing the former Heaton Bank and the Hawks of Heaton Gift Shop (which we believe may have been the Post Office at one time […]

Heaton, ND


Wells County Inhabited as of 5/04 Heaton was founded in 1899 as a Northern Pacific Railroad town, named for George Heaton, the manager of land sales for the railroad. Population figures include 400 in 1930, 62 in 1960, and approximately 5 when these photos were taken in 2004.  In 2012, we spoke with the final […]