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Pembina County
Inhabited as of 7/06

Hensel, ND

Hensel, ND

We made a quick stop in Hensel during our visit to Pembina County in 2006.  Due to time constraints we were unable to explore Hensel as thoroughly as we would have liked, but we did capture these photos.


It’s always a little frustrating when you want to photograph a cool old church but you can’t get a shot of it without power lines running through the foreground.

We were unable to find a reference to Hensel in the 2010 North Dakota Census, and we assumed it had been delisted. However, after a comment from Curtis in the comment thread below, we did some searching and discovered Hensel has been legally known as “Canton Village,” “Canton City,” and just “Canton” at various times. A Google Maps search reveals Canton City and Hensel to be the same place. As of 2010, Hensel has a population of 45.

Perhaps someone can comment on the reasons for Hensel’s dual naming situation.

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC