Karnak, ND

  • Abandoned Karnak Farm

    Abandoned Karnak Farm

    By / May 5, 2014 / Karnak, ND

    We spotted this farm on the way to Sheyenne River Bridge and made a point to circle back when we were done there.  This farm is very austere and quiet, and largely un-vandalized, too.  It is at coordinates 47.269772,-98.038936, just east of the near-ghost town of Karnak, North Dakota. Sometimes, when you’re in a place… [read more]

  • Sheyenne River Bridge

    Sheyenne River Bridge

    By / May 4, 2014 / Karnak, ND

    This is the Sheyenne River Bridge, a railroad trestle at the north end of Lake Ashtabula, in the marshy transition between the lake and the Sheyenne River.  Built in 1912, it is 2,736 feet long, making it a little shorter than High Line Bridge in Valley City and a little longer than the Gassman Coulee… [read more]

  • karnak4

    Karnak, ND

    By / July 3, 2010 / Karnak, ND

    Griggs County Inhabited as of 6/10 Thank you to Dustin Person for contributing these photos of Karnak. Dustin’s comments: Karnak is in southern Griggs County, south of Cooperstown. It had only one house/farm, so population less than 5. The elevator is still being used. There is a school house, and a couple of abandoned buildings… [read more]

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