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Inhabited as of 8/10

Kloten, ND

Kloten, ND

Kloten is situated about forty miles south of Highway 2, about halfway between Devils Lake and Grand Forks. Accurate population figures are difficult to find. Kloten’s population was reported at a suspiciously round number of 150 for many years, however our census records going back as far as 1960 do not include population reports for Kloten.

Nathan Mastrud contributed these photos of Kloten with the following comments:

Sign leading to Kloten reads “Dead End” but it still carried us through town. Maybe around 6-10 households remain in Kloten. Some of them were hard to tell if the were inhabited or not because most of the the yards were mowed …even the yards of houses that appeared abandoned. Also few of the remaining ones appeared to have a never ending yard sale.

A Fire Hall bell was begging to be rung but a few dogs and the fear of shotguns advised otherwise.

The Kloten grain elevator still looms over the west side of town and a church still remains.

Photos by Nathan Mastrud & Punchgut Studio