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Stark County
Inhabited as of 5-07

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More Views of Lefor

These are a few more photos from our archive on Lefor, North Dakota, a place we visited in 2007. Lefor is still home to a small population, and the main landmark is the very impressive St. Elizabeth Catholic Church shown below. ┬áLefor is also the home of one of the best known cook books in North Dakota. ┬áSee our main Lefor gallery here. We took a look inside this vault and saw someone had been storing stuff inside, so we…

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Lefor, ND ?>

Lefor, ND

Stark County Inhabited as of 5-07 Lefor, ND is a very small town in the southwestern part of the state, about 20 miles southeast of Dickinson. Founded in 1890 and named for the first postmaster, a German Hungarian named Adam Lefor, it reached a peak population of 224 in 1930. Lefor has also been known by the names Schnellreich and Saint Elizabeth. Contemporary Lefor is now home to a couple dozen residents and many abandoned structures. Several friendly townspeople came…

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