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Grant County
Inhabited as of 5-07

8 More Lost North Dakota Places ?>

8 More Lost North Dakota Places

Unfortunately, we have to do a post like this from time to time. As the years pass, many of the places we’ve photographed also pass… into history. Whether it be the wrecking ball, weathering, or disaster, many of the places we’ve photographed since 2003 are now gone. We documented some of the losses in 10 Lost North Dakota Places and 10 More Lost North Dakota Places, now, unfortunately, here are 8 More Lost North Dakota Places. Barton Sportsman’s Club Barton…

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Leith, North Dakota After the Turmoil ?>

Leith, North Dakota After the Turmoil

We first visited Leith, North Dakota, in Grant County, about fifty miles southwest of Mandan, in May of 2007. We had heard that it was a shrinking rural community with a few abandoned places to photograph, and we found that to be true, but we could not have known that Leith would become a place of conflict just a few years later when a white supremacist would move-in and thrust Leith into a national spotlight. We watched from afar with…

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More Photos of Leith ?>

More Photos of Leith

We first visited Leith in May of 2007, and you can see that gallery here.  These photos from the Leith area were in in our archive, not previously published.  Enjoy! Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

Leith, ND ?>

Leith, ND

Leith, ND was founded in 1910 as a Milwaukee Road Railroad town and once held as many as 170 people. It is a very clean and fairly intact near-ghost town. US Census Data for Leith Total Population by Place 1960 – 100 1970 – 92 1980 – 59 2000 – 28 2010 – 16 The train depot closed in 1964. A Leith Panorama