Lincoln Valley, ND

  • Lincoln Valley, North Dakota

    The Ruins of Lincoln Valley, North Dakota

    By / March 9, 2014 / Lincoln Valley, ND

    Lincoln Valley, North Dakota is in its last days.  The structures that remain standing are largely in tenuous shape, might stand another few decades at best, and they’re far outnumbered by places long gone.  Browsing through our Lincoln Valley archive, we realized we had a lot of photos we’d never posted before, particularly photos of… [read more]

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    Lincoln Valley Revisited

    We revisited Lincoln Valley in May of 2010, and found things quite similar to our last visit, with the obvious exception of the Opp house, which is no longer standing.  The field just to the northeast of Lincoln Valley where it once stood is now entirely farm land and no evidence of it’s existence remains… [read more]

  • Lincoln Valley, Opp home

    Lincoln Valley, ND

    By / September 1, 2004 / Lincoln Valley, ND

    Sheridan County Vacant as of 9/04 Lincoln Valley, ND is in Sheridan County, about 8 miles NE of McClusky. It is a true ghost town. It was said to be thriving in the 50’s, but by 1972, only one resident was left. It is empty now. A huge thank you to Dale Hinsverk of Wahpeton… [read more]

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