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Inhabited as of 5/10

Letters to Lostwood ?>

Letters to Lostwood

We visited Lostwood, North Dakota in 2010 and found, in addition to a few farms in the neighborhood, only a well-cared for church and a boarded up school as the only real remains of Lostwood. However, Tim Steele recently sent us some photos with the following comments: I have two photos of the Steele Store and Post office in Lostwood.  Can anyone help me with dates or any info on the Post Office.  These pictures came from my grandfather’s photo album. I…

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Lostwood, ND ?>

Lostwood, ND

Only two structures remain of what was once Lostwood, ND — a well-kept church and a boarded up school. Lostwood is a ghost town in the sense that none of the original structures remain standing other than what you see here. However, there is a family that has a farm on what would have been the north end of town. There are population figures for Lostwood township in the US Census, but none for Lostwood as a town. According to…

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