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Foster County
Inhabited as of 10/04

Melville: Some History ?>

Melville: Some History

The following history of Melville (and the B&W images on this page) were submitted by Dennis Schjeldahl of Grand Forks with the following comments: So here is a History of Melville. I don’t know who wrote it orginally. It was all caps with many mis-spellings. I cleaned it up – but did my darndest to keep the content. Dennis Schjeldahl Grand Forks, ND   As homesteaders settled on the prairies, little shacks popped up all over the area. Newport was built…

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Melville, ND ?>

Melville, ND

Foster County Inhabited as of 10/04 Melville was established in 1883 just east of the pinoneer settlement of Newport. That same year, Newport’s post office moveds to Melville. It is unknown who the town is named for since two of the landowner’s associates share the name “Melville” and were both likely candidates for the honor. A population of 200 was reported in 1890. On our visit to Melville, we were kindly shown around the townsite by the Biels.  They serve as…

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