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Dickey County
Inhabited as of 5/05

Passing Through Merricourt ?>

Passing Through Merricourt

Merricourt is a very remote town in Dickey County, about fifty miles south of Jamestown. There are fewer than a handful of residents in Merricourt — just one family remains in this near-ghost town. We didn’t intend to visit Merricourt when we went on an adventure in October of 2014, but some last minute route changes took us right through town, so we stopped to snap a few shots, nine years after our first visit. Our first visit to Merricourt was…

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Return to Merricourt ?>

Return to Merricourt

Merricourt is located in south central North Dakota, twenty minutes from the South Dakota border.  The photos are from a return visit, six years after our last. At least one person or family (with a couple dogs) still lives in Merricourt.  We saw someone mowing the lawns when we were there.  We were disappointed to see much falling into disrepair in Merricourt… the bank has had all its windows smashed out and the door kicked in.  The community center looked like it might still…

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More Photos of Merricourt ?>

More Photos of Merricourt

We visited Merricourt in May of 2005.  At the time the population was one or two residents.  These are additional photos from our archive, taken during that visit. To see our main Merricourt gallery, click here. This brick elevator is the only one we’ve encountered in the entire state.  It leans a little bit, but it is still standing tall. We don’t know what used to be here, but all that remains is the chimney. The former First State Bank…

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A Robbery in Merricourt ?>

A Robbery in Merricourt

Host/Author/Producer Keith Norman was kind enough to share a story about a Merricourt robbery, from his book – ‘Great Stories of the Great Plains, Vol. 1’ Self Defense on the Back Roads Roy Michaelson listed his occupation as a professional Boxer from Minneapolis Minnesota. His record in sanctioned bouts was 1 win, 1 loss, and 1 draw. In all likelihood he fought in many unsanctioned fights across the Midwest in his brief stint in the ring. In late 1930 his…

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Merricourt, ND ?>

Merricourt, ND

Dickey County Inhabited as of 5/05 A farm post office for Merricourt was established in October 1883. North Dakota Place Names by Douglas Wick lists Merricourt’s peak population at 153 in the 1940’s. US Census Data for Merricourt Total Population by Place 1960 – 66 1970 – 22 1980 – 17 2000 – Did Not Appear During our visit to Merricourt, we saw one home which was occupied, right in the middle of the townsite. We also heard someone calling…

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