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Nome, North Dakota ?>

Nome, North Dakota

This is Nome, North Dakota, in Barnes County, about 20 miles southeast of Valley City.  I was delivering books earlier this week and stopped to shoot Sheldon, North Dakota since I was in the area, and the highway took me right through Nome as I was on the way home, so I pulled-in and grabbed a few shots. According to the 2010 Census, there are 62 residents of Nome, North Dakota. In 2005, Terry and I stopped in Nome to…

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Vintage Nome Postcards ?>

Vintage Nome Postcards

We found a couple of vintage Nome postcards at an antique store not too long ago, including a postcard of the now-abandoned Nome School in Barnes County which we snapped on a whim while passing through Nome in 2005. We had to make some guesses on this card due to the handwriting — This postcard was sent on September 24th, 1919 from Laura Sigurdson to Miss Signe Bratt (who was a teacher herself in Northfield) in Lawton, North Dakota.  It reads…

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Nome School ?>

Nome School

Barnes County Vacant School Building Our trip to South-Central North Dakota took us through Nome, ND which had this very impressive vacant school building nestled in amongst a group of occupied homes. Nome also has some other abandoned main street structures, but a sizable population as well. CLICK TO ENLARGE