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Overly, ND

Overly, ND

According to the 2000 Census, Overly is home to 19 residents. James Johnson contributed these photos with the following comments:

I came to Overly with a goal of finding whatever remains of the old roundhouse. A satellite photograph of the town showed shapes in consistent with roundhouse layout just south of the town. You will have to walk in tall grass to find a turntable and old foundations of the roundhouse. Be extremely careful because you could trip over and be injured! In my review of the foundations I determined there were four service bays in the roundhouse.

The Willow Creek Lutheran Church is in remarkably excellent shape and obviously is still in use by the community.

The Post Office seems to be exactly what it was when the Postmaster, presumably to have also lived in the building, left when Post Office closed in 1996. There’s a Jeanna Dale North missing person poster still hanging at the Post Office – she went missing in 1993.

The railroad is no longer in service. It looks like the railroad company recently pulled up tracks and timbers.

The bell tower is, according to a resident, from the old Overly school which is no longer standing. However, the location of the bell tower is a few blocks south of the school according to an old town plat I found on Internet. I’m not sure if the bell tower was located there because the old school ground is now a field.

Photos by James Johnson, original content copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC