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Pelto, ND

Pelto, ND

Nathan Mastrud contributed these photos of Pelto with the following comments:

Pelto is about 42 miles east of Devils lake.  The only thing that really remains of the town is a Pelto tombstone. The fields that surround Pelto are slowing filling with water, abandoned farmsites & pelicans. The road to Pelto is Closed and has water up to the shoulder for most of the trip.

The information on the memorial reads:

  • Pelto Merc Store-Closed 1957
  • Enterprise Consolidated School-Consolidated 1915-Closed 1969
  • Pelto Hall
  • Finnish Lutheran Church Established 1899

A single metal milk container remains standing.

There are only a few skeletons of the foundations buried in deep prairie grass with a couple automobile parts dumped in the swamp.

Photos by Nathan Mastrud and Punchgut Studio