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  • Lost Bridge on the Little MIssouri River

    Lost Bridge on the Little Missouri River

    By / May 28, 2015 / Points of Interest

    This is Lost Bridge on the Little Missouri River, about 23 miles north of Killdeer in Dunn County. The name “Lost Bridge” holds a coincidental double meaning in this case, since the bridge no longer exists. These photos were taken by the Historic American Engineering┬áRecord, and the notes from the file tell an interesting story:… [read more]

  • Augustana Swedish Lutheran Church

    Augustana Swedish Lutheran Church

    By / May 16, 2015 / Points of Interest

    Augustana Swedish Lutheran Church is in Eddy County, about seven and a half miles southwest of Sheyenne, North Dakota. Two other places we’ve photographed — Bremen and Hamberg — are just a short drive away. An obituary for Astrid Nelson Salmonson published in the Fargo Forum in 2002 reveals interesting details about Mrs. Salmonson’s young… [read more]

  • Munster Country School

    The Ruins of Munster Country School

    By / May 11, 2015 / Points of Interest

    This is the second time we’ve visited the Munster country school, in Eddy County, a short drive northwest of New Rockford. We originally set out to photograph this place in October of 2012 under the assumption it was still intact, but 2012 was one of the driest summers on record, and when we arrived, we… [read more]

  • Graham's Island, Devils Lake, ND

    The Flooding of Grahams Island

    By / May 10, 2015 / Points of Interest

    Captain Duncan Graham was a Scotsman who came to North Dakota after getting started as a fur trader for Hudson’s Bay Company. Graham believed there was profit to be made in the trading business, and he founded a trading post on the island that now bears his name. Though the date is in dispute, Graham… [read more]

  • Abandoned Minot Church

    Forgotten Minot Church

    By / November 29, 2014 / Points of Interest

    This vacant church stands at the corner of Broadway and 4th Ave NW in Minot, at the bottom of North Broadway, right across the street from Sammy’s Pizza. ┬áIt was locked-up and posted, so we weren’t able to go inside, but by all outward appearances, this place is largely forgotten. We photographed this place on… [read more]

  • Beaver Township School

    Beaver Township School

    By / November 25, 2014 / Points of Interest

    This is the Beaver Township Country School/Township Hall, on Mud Lake in Benson County, about 23 miles southeast of Rugby, just a short drive south of York, North Dakota. The location of this school, right on the water, is very beautiful, however, there were 40 mph wind gusts the day we visited, making it a… [read more]

  • Josephine, North Dakota

    Two Minutes Until Winter

    By / November 9, 2014 / Points of Interest

    It was November 7th, 2014 and it was two minutes until winter in Josephine, North Dakota when we briefly braved forty mile per hour winds to get the photos you see here. I consulted Douglas Wick’s North Dakota Place Names book, which says Josephine, North Dakota was founded in 1901 on the site of an… [read more]

  • Immanuel Lutheran Church

    Immanuel Lutheran Church

    By / November 9, 2014 / Points of Interest

    As we ventured toward Minot for a book signing event, we decided we would try to sneak in some shooting time at a few different locations along the drive, but this was not a place we knew about beforehand — we just happened to drive right by it, on highway 30 in Albert Township, just… [read more]

  • abandoned farm

    Abandoned in the Sheyenne River Valley

    By / October 21, 2014 / Points of Interest

    This is an abandoned farmstead right along the Sheyenne River Valley Scenic Byway, just a few minutes south of Valley City, North Dakota. We passed this farm once before and we couldn’t get close due to a wet field. This farm is often visited by photographers. We’ve seen photos from lots of other people who… [read more]

  • Albion Township Country School

    Remote and Abandoned: Albion Township Country School

    By / October 5, 2014 / Points of Interest

    This is an abandoned country school in Albion Township, Dickey County, about eight miles northwest of Ellendale. There was a short stretch of gravel road that was pretty rough on the way to this place, but we got rewarded with the sound of nothing but prairie once we arrived — just crickets and the wind… [read more]

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