Roth, ND

  • Roth, North Dakota

    Roth in 2013

    By / July 11, 2013 / Roth, ND

    We weren’t expecting a lot when we visited Roth since it’s a very small town site, west of Bottineau, but we left disappointed after discovering a combination of factors would keep us from getting the photos we’d hoped. ┬áMuch of the town is now heavily overgrown, hiding some of the vacant structures, and there are… [read more]

  • roth1

    Roth, ND

    By / June 5, 2010 / Roth, ND

    Bottineau County Inhabited as of 6/10 Thank you to Miranda Schuler of Upload Photography for contributing these photos of Roth. Her comments: Here are the first photos I collected of Roth, ND today. I’d like to go back and get a few closer shots of the old pink house, but the ground was too wet… [read more]

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