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Ruso, ND

Ruso, ND

Kelsey Rusch contributed these photos of Ruso, ND with the following comments:

Right off highway 41, south of Velva, you will find Ruso. Ruso is a town in McLean county, North Dakota. Though it has ten or so abandoned buildings, there appear to be three residences as well, making it inhabited, but probably for not too much longer.

It is located just south east of the borders of Mclean, Ward, and McHenry counties in a very beautiful yet desolate part of the state. According to the North Dakota Place Names book, “The post office was established on December 1, 1906 with Edwin J Burgess as pm. The village incorporated in 1909 and by 1910 reported a population of 141, with a doctor, newpaper, and many other luxuries often missing in new townsites.” The Place Names book (first published 1988), claims the zip code was 58778 and was still open at the time. However, a sign outside what I assume was the post office suggests that it closed in 1981.

As far as the name “Ruso,” the Place Names book says the name either is a Russian word meaning “south of us,” or, as others say, it was coined from the words SOuth RUssia, which was the homeland of many of the area settlers.

The town is in a very peaceful location. The sole road passes one residence right next to the highway before leading to several abandoned ones. The post office, now a home, sits in the middle of town, next to a collapsed building and across from an empty and overgrown field. From what I can gather a section of the field used to be a baseball diamond. If only the kids who used to play there saw it today. Further down the road sits what was once a pretty nice sized school but now is used as a residence. Around the corner and down the road sits what was once a beautiful church, now turned into a junk yard. Two outhouses sit to the east of the church, and to the west a flax field is planted almost all the way up to the doors of the church, which faces west. The grounds surrounding the church, unfortunately, are a complete mess. There is a junked bus sitting outside, as well as two or three junked pickups. Numorous other things are scattered around and it is obvious the few remaining residents do not take care of the church any more.

There were a few other abandoned buildings hidden in the trees surrounding the city but they were either posted or too overgrown to get to.

If anyone has any other information about Ruso, especially about history or as to why there is a large bus that says “Huntley Project Red Devils” parked outside of the church, I’d definitely love to hear more about this place. It was very calm and serene and is in a beautiful location in the state.

Photos by Kelsey Rusch, original content copyright Sonic Tremor Media