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Vacant as of 10/03

Sherbrooke Cemetery ?>

Sherbrooke Cemetery

We shot these photos of Sherbrooke Cemetery during a visit to the nearby ghost town and namesake, Sherbrooke, North Dakota, in Steele County in October of 2013. The Oxton family name was common in this cemetery. This cemetery was established in 1899 by Sherbrooke Methodist Church which has long since vanished from the town site. The Hildebrandt family. Look at those birth dates. These are some of the oldest headstones we’ve seen for such a nice, easily-accessible cemetery. Many times…

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Return to Sherbrooke

Sherbrooke, North Dakota is in Steele County and it is a true ghost town with no population. ¬†Sherbrooke was the first totally abandoned town we ever visited back in 2003, at a time when we didn’t even have proper cameras — we just videotaped a walkthrough and then took screen capture photos. ¬†A decade later, nature has continued unwaveringly to reclaim this place. When we moved south of the main road through Sherbrooke, we realized we had not paid close…

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Sherbrooke, ND ?>

Sherbrooke, ND

Steele County Vacant as of 10/03 Sherbrooke was plotted in 1884 by Dustin P. Baldwin, and named after Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. Although rumors of a railroad line surfaced several times, the line never materialized and Sherbrooke quickly declined. Sherbrooke was once the county seat of Steele County. The only population figures we have on Sherbrooke are from 1895, with a population of 144. Most of the landscape is very overgrown and quickly being reclaimed by nature. The overgrowth was so…

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