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Pierce County
Inhabited as of 4/06

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More from Silva, ND

These photos of Silva, in Pierce County west of Devils Lake, were taken in April of 2006. In 2014, a site visitor reported the population of Silva had sunk to 3 residents. This church is Silva Lutheran. We’re told the first wedding conducted in this church was the ceremony of Oliver and Elaine (Dokken) Solheim, December 29th, 1941. These photos are extras which have been in our archive and are being posted here for the first time.  You can see our…

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Silva, North Dakota ?>

Silva, North Dakota

Pierce County Inhabited as of 4/06 Silva was founded in 1912 as a Soo Line Railroad settlement. It reportedly reached a peak population of 125 in 1920 and has been on the decline ever since. Silva’s most famous former resident would be Julius Thompson who at one time was the world’s tallest man at eight feet, seven inches. Thompson died in 1955. In the late nineties, North Dakota State University did a study on statewide population decline and featured photos…

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