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Divide County
Abandoned as of 5/06

Stady in 1915

Stady in 1915

Steve Ray contributed the following postcard of Stady. Steve writes:

It was mailed in June 1915 from Clara Leraas, who lived with her family a couple miles east of Stady, to her mother-in-law, Martha Leraas of Barrett, MN.

Stady, North Dakota, 1915

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Stady, ND

Stady, ND

Stady was founded in 1907 and was a stopping point on old highway 85. The peak population of 60 had dropped to 11 by 1940, after the highway moved. Stady is now a true ghost town — totally abandoned.

MJ Masilko contributed these photos with the following comments:

I’m sending you some pictures I took in May of 2006 of a ghost town called Stady. It’s in Divide County, 16 miles SSW of Fortuna. There didn’t seem to be any people living there, and we only saw 3 structures: a store, a house, and something else (maybe another store).

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Epilogue: A visitor reports all above ground remains of Stady have been demolished due to instability and infestation concerns. Stady is no more.

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