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Stutsman County
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Sydney, ND

Sydney, ND

Sydney is semi-famous for appearing on the Today Show, May 1st, 1998, in a piece that compared Sydney, North Dakota to Sydney, Australia. The last reported population was 2. Dustin Person sends in these photos with the following comments:

Sydney is about 10 miles south of Jamestown on highway 281, then 3 miles west on a gravel county road. It is basically nothing but a farm there, but then to the east of the farm is the elevator structure, and right next to that is the abandoned house. And back in the distance is the other building. Sydney is posted as private property. You can also see that next to the elevator, there would have been rail running (same rail as Millarton as Sydney is straight north of there). Interesting house and elevator building though.

Photos by Dustin Person. Original content copyright SonicTremor Media