Trotters, ND

  • Trotters, North Dakota

    Grasslands Ghost Town: Trotters, North Dakota

    By / July 28, 2014 / Trotters, ND

    You’ll find Trotters nearly thirty miles north of Beach, North Dakota in Golden Valley County, just outside the official boundary of the Little Missouri National Grasslands — a boundary visible only on maps. On the ground it’s clear, this part of the prairie is nearly pristine. Trees are nearly as scarce as people, and prairie… [read more]

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    Trotters, ND

    By / September 25, 2010 / Trotters, ND

    Golden Valley County Vacant as of 7/10 In terms of driving distance from any other town in North Dakota, Trotters may be the most remote townsite in the state. It is a true ghost town, with just a church and former gas station remaining. ┬áMonica Hardy made the drive out to the edge of the… [read more]

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