Exploring Brantford, North Dakota ?>

Exploring Brantford, North Dakota

We’ve known about Brantford, North Dakota — in Eddy County — for some time.  Mark Johnson contributed some winter photos a few years back, and we posted some postcards as well, but this was the first time we got a chance to actually visit. We saw only one home which appeared to be inhabited (it had a satellite dish on the roof), but we didn’t see a single person the whole time we were there.  There were half a dozen…

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North Dakota’s Loneliest Places ?>

North Dakota’s Loneliest Places

A slideshow from Mother Nature Network recently named 12 U.S. places where your visit could double the population — places with a population of one or fewer. Although they did name Tenney, Minnesota — a place we’ve visited twice for our sister project GhostsofMN.com — they neglected to mention any North Dakota places.  So here we present our own list of North Dakota’s loneliest places. Hesper, North Dakota A true ghost town, population zero. Lincoln Valley, North Dakota A rapidly…

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Argusville: School’s Out ?>

Argusville: School’s Out

We paid a brief visit to Argusville High School today and found things have changed quite a bit since our last visit in 2011.  The school was in a terrible state of disrepair and had been thoroughly vandalized when we last saw it, but it has since been boarded-up. The rusting twin fire escapes have been torn down, leaving the front of the school as it originally looked before they were erected.  Every door and window has now been boarded-up…

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Straubville, North Dakota: A True Ghost Town ?>

Straubville, North Dakota: A True Ghost Town

We visited Straubville, North Dakota, a ghost town south of Jamestown, on a cloudy day in 2005 and found it totally abandoned. Unfortunately, we arrived a few years too late to capture the major remaining buildings when they were still standing.  We’ve been told that things have deteriorated since our last visit, so we’re hoping to go back to Straubville some time in the near future for an update. We were recently digging through our archive and realized we had…

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Building LaMoure County Courthouse ?>

Building LaMoure County Courthouse

This is a vintage post card view of LaMoure County Courthouse while it was still under construction in LaMoure, North Dakota.  The courthouse was constructed in 1907.  Today, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The wikipedia entry for this courthouse reads, in part: The structure includes a highly-detailed, metal-covered dome with bull’s eye windows topped by a ball finial. An octagonal tower with columns and arched windows supports the dome. The front facade features four large…

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The Great Fargo Fire of 1893 ?>

The Great Fargo Fire of 1893

June 7th, 1893 was a typical Wednesday in Fargo, sunny but windy.  Fargo’s six thousand residents were going about their lives, carrying out their business from mostly wooden storefronts and traveling from place to place in horse drawn carriages and wagons. Winds were gusting to 30 miles per hour that day.  Even today, if you’ve spent any time in Fargo, you know these windy days all too well.  Rarely though do we give much thought to the danger that comes…

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Video: Memorial Weekend Trip 2013 ?>

Video: Memorial Weekend Trip 2013

After getting suggestions from several people that we start doing videos again, we decided to ease back into it and we did just a little bit of video on our trip over Memorial Weekend.  We stopped doing videos some years ago, mainly because there are only two of us, and when we go on a trip, we’re usually busy enough taking photos.  Video has never been our forte’ but we understand it provides a little glimpse inside our trips, so…

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Return to Crystal Springs ?>

Return to Crystal Springs

We first visited Crystal Springs in 2005, primarily to photograph the abandoned school which is quite visible from the Interstate.  We didn’t find out until later that we had neglected to photograph a portion of Crystal Springs which waits just north of the highway.  So, on Memorial Weekend of 2013, we returned to Crystal Springs. While many towns suffered when they were bypassed by an interstate, Crystal Springs’ decline was hastened when it was bisected by the interstate, effectively cutting…

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