Video: Memorial Weekend Trip 2013 ?>

Video: Memorial Weekend Trip 2013

After getting suggestions from several people that we start doing videos again, we decided to ease back into it and we did just a little bit of video on our trip over Memorial Weekend.  We stopped doing videos some years ago, mainly because there are only two of us, and when we go on a trip, we’re usually busy enough taking photos.  Video has never been our forte’ but we understand it provides a little glimpse inside our trips, so…

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Return to Crystal Springs ?>

Return to Crystal Springs

We first visited Crystal Springs in 2005, primarily to photograph the abandoned school which is quite visible from the Interstate.  We didn’t find out until later that we had neglected to photograph a portion of Crystal Springs which waits just north of the highway.  So, on Memorial Weekend of 2013, we returned to Crystal Springs. While many towns suffered when they were bypassed by an interstate, Crystal Springs’ decline was hastened when it was bisected by the interstate, effectively cutting…

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Kintyre, ND ?>

Kintyre, ND

Kintyre, North Dakota is a small town in Emmons County, about 45 miles southeast of Bismarck.  It is an unincorporated community of perhaps 50 residents.  The name, Kintyre, is a reference to the Kintyre peninsula in Scotland, derived from the clan McKintyre.  Kintyre was originally called Campbell after two brothers who first farmed the area. The concrete structure holding up the car looks like it could be a former bank vault. The brick structure at the base of this tree…

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Sanger: No Longer a Ghost Town ?>

Sanger: No Longer a Ghost Town

Nine years after our first visit to Sanger, North Dakota, we returned to see how things had changed.  Imagine our surprise when we discovered Sanger is no longer a true ghost town.  There had been no population when we visited in 2004, but today, Sanger is inhabited by two men, Ron and Dan, who moved to Sanger about four years ago.  They have been renovating one of the existing homes in Sanger, and they’ve built several new structures as well….

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Tuttle Country School ?>

Tuttle Country School

This is a lonesome country school on County Road 3, about eight miles southeast of Tuttle in Kidder County.  Unfortunately, it was boarded up tight and there was very little to see. Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

Sterling School No. 2 ?>

Sterling School No. 2

We’ve seen this school referenced online as Wing School #3, however the sign above the door appears to read Sterling No. 2.  The school is located closer to Wing than it is Sterling, so we wonder whether this school originally stood somewhere else and was moved to this spot, about 9 miles north of Wing.  If someone could shed some light on this school’s history, we would appreciate your insight. Update:  Wanda Burrer posted on our Facebook page with more…

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Arena: Nine Years Later ?>

Arena: Nine Years Later

We first visited Arena in May of 2004.  Nine years later, we returned to this rolling spot on the prairie in Burleigh County and found things much the same, if somewhat weathered. St. John’s Lutheran church still stands, though the white paint has weathered considerably over the last nine years.  The cinderblock foundation on the east side of the church has continued to crumble, and will likely cause the church to topple into its own basement eventually.  The outhouse out…

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Clear Lake School ?>

Clear Lake School

This is one of two schools in Clear Lake Township which we’ve seen referenced as simply “Clear Lake School.”  This one sits near the junction of 26th Avenue SE and County Road 36, about two miles east of Tuttle in Kidder County.  The other is several miles east.  If you know the official name of either of these schools, we would appreciate your insight.  There is also a cemetery right across the road which we chose not to photograph due…

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