• Pembina, North Dakota

    History Appreciation in Pembina

    In Pembina, North Dakota, there are a couple of historic and significant places I particularly wanted to photograph — primarily, this beautiful Icelandic and Ukrainian Orthodox church. This church was the Icelandic Evangelical Lutheran Church from 1885 to 1937, and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. John from 1937 to 1987. This church is now […]

  • Black Sunday

    Remembering Black Sunday

    April 14th, 2015 is the eightieth anniversary of Black Sunday, arguably the worst day of the Dust Bowl era. Dust storms that had plagued North America for a decade reached a terrible crescendo on that day, with dust clouds taller than the tallest buildings enveloping and blanketing Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and many other places. PBS’ […]

  • North Dakota Spring 2015

    An Early Spring

    It is looking like an early spring this year, and you need no more evidence than these photos, taken on March 15th, 2015, in south central North Dakota. March 15th is the earliest in the season Terry and I have ever gone out on an official shoot.  Previously, the third week of April was the […]

  • Jud, North Dakota

    Spring in Jud, North Dakota

    This is Jud, North Dakota, in Lamoure County, about 14 miles northwest of Edgeley. Jud is far from a ghost town — there were 72 residents according to the 2010 census, but we found out about Jud after someone suggested there was a school that might be a good photo opportunity, and upon further investigation, […]

  • guelph1

    Message from Above in Guelph

    Guelph, North Dakota is in Dickey County, not far from Ellendale. In 1930, the census said Guelph had 158 residents and that’s as many as ever called Guelph home. The old Guelph public school is now an antique and vintage-type business. Terry was photographing this school when he noticed a message from above. This church […]

  • Cogswell, North Dakota

    Three Cogswell Churches

    We stopped in Cogswell specifically to photograph the beautiful United Methodist Church, and to see if a church shown on our postcard from 1918 was still standing. In the process, we ran across another boarded-up church we didn’t know was there. Cogswell is in Sargent County, about 60 miles west of Wahpeton. According to the […]

  • Deisem, North Dakota

    Return to Deisem

    When we planned our trip in early October of 2014, we realized we would be in the area of Deisem and made plans for a return visit. Deisem’s former church, the lone remaining structure, was in such terrible shape last time we were there, we didn’t know whether it would even be standing when we […]

  • Hesper, North Dakota

    True Ghost Towns: Population Zero

    Defining what exactly constitutes a “ghost town” can sometimes be tricky.  In our ten years of exploring North Dakota’s abandoned places, we’ve often encountered former towns where the town site itself is empty, but there’s a farm about half a mile down the road.  Sometimes a former town like Sims, North Dakota has an active […]


Eastedge Extras

Barnes County Status: Vacant as of 5/05 Eastedge, ND is in south-central North Dakota, between I94 and the South Dakota border. It is totally abandoned — a true ghost town. These photos are extras from our archive, taken during a snowstorm on May 1st, 2005.  See the main gallery here. Photos by Troy and Rat, […]


More Photos of Merricourt

Dickey County Inhabited as of 5/05 We visited Merricourt in May of 2005.  At the time the population was one or two residents.  These are additional photos from our archive, taken during that visit. To see our main Merricourt gallery, click here. CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE This brick elevator is the only one we’ve encountered […]


More Views of Haley

Bowman County Inhabited as of 5-07 Haley, ND is in Bowman County, southwest of Bismarck, right on the border with South Dakota. As of our visit, Haley had a population of two. These are additional photos from the archive. Click Here to see our main Haley gallery. CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE The view from the […]


St. Anthony School

We stopped in St. Anthony on our way back from our trip to the southwestern corner of North Dakota in the summer of 2007 — just to take a couple shots of this school. St. Anthony is in a sparsely populated part of Morton county, a short drive southwest of Bismarck. Photos by Rat, copyright […]


The Decline of Small Town North Dakota

We started this website with a simple assumption — North Dakota’s small towns are disappearing.  And we wanted to photograph them before there was nothing left to photograph.  The things we’ve seen have supported our initial assumption, and census data confirms the findings.  North Dakota’s established cities continue to grow, while the small, remote places in peaceful […]


Balfour in Winter

McHenry County Inhabited as of 3/11 Ria Cabral sent a few winter shots of Balfour. See more of her work at http://riacabralphotography.blogspot.com To see photos from our trip to Balfour, click here. CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE Copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

Stady, North Dakota, 1915

Stady in 1915

Divide County Abandoned as of 5/06 Steve Ray contributed the following postcard of Stady. Steve writes: It was mailed in June 1915 from Clara Leraas, who lived with her family a couple miles east of Stady, to her mother-in-law, Martha Leraas of Barrett, MN. CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE To see our main Stady Gallery with […]

Stady, North Dakota

Stady, ND

Divide County Abandoned as of 5/06 Stady was founded in 1907 and was a stopping point on old highway 85. The peak population of 60 had dropped to 11 by 1940, after the highway moved. Stady is now a true ghost town — totally abandoned. Mariah Masilko contributed these photos with the following comments: I’m […]


Edmunds, ND

Stutsman County Inhabited as of 2010 If you’ve ever driven the stretch between Jamestown and Carrington on Highway 52/281, you’ve probably noticed this building right next to the highway. Dustin Person contributed these photos of Edmunds. His comments: Edmunds is located about 25 miles north of Jamestown along highway 281, population is around 5 or […]


More Photos of Ambrose

Divide County Inhabited as of 8/10 Laura Enerson Castro contributed these photos of Ambrose.  A few of her comments are listed as captions. To see photos from our trip to Ambrose, click here. CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE Original content copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC