• Brantford, North Dakota

    The Last Days of Brantford

    By / May 14, 2015 / Brantford, ND

    We first became aware of Brantford some years ago when our friend Mark Johnson sent photos of Brantford in winter. In the summer of 2013, we visited Brantford for ourselves and found a very quiet, near-ghost town with an impressive but crumbling public school, among other things.  These photos were taken in 2015 after we… [read more]

  • Grassy Butte, North Dakota, 1936

    Dust Bowl Grassy Butte

    By / March 15, 2014 / Grassy Butte, ND

    Grassy Butte, North Dakota is a very remote Badlands settlement in McKenzie County near the Montana border, an unincorporated community with a population in the dozens. In the 1930s, Grassy Butte was one of a multitude of places where the locals who’d arrived in search of the American dream faced sad realities and hard choices…. [read more]

  • Hamberg, North Dakota

    More Abandoned Hamberg

    By / February 2, 2014 / Hamberg, ND

    Hamberg lost their school to a grassfire on April Fool’s Day, 2012.  In its absence, we took a new look at our archive of photos from 2008 and found these previously unseen things.  Enjoy. To see the collection of school photos, see the main Hamberg photo gallery from 2008. This old bus next to the… [read more]

  • Verendrye, North Dakota

    Flooding in Verendrye

    By / January 27, 2014 / Verendrye, ND

    Steven Lee sent in these photos of Verendrye, North Dakota with the following comments: My father, Howard Lee, took these photos. They were taken during the flooding of the Mouse River sometime in the mid to late forties. He grew up on his grandfather’s (Herbrand Lee) farm, 2 or 3 miles northeast of Verendrye. Herbrand… [read more]

  • Sherbrooke, North Dakota

    Return to Sherbrooke

    By / October 27, 2013 / Sherbrooke, ND

    Sherbrooke, North Dakota is in Steele County and it is a true ghost town with no population.  Sherbrooke was the first totally abandoned town we ever visited back in 2003, at a time when we didn’t even have proper cameras — we just videotaped a walkthrough and then took screen capture photos.  A decade later,… [read more]

  • Brantford, North Dakota

    Exploring Brantford, North Dakota

    By / July 9, 2013 / Brantford, ND

    We’ve known about Brantford, North Dakota — in Eddy County — for some time.  Mark Johnson contributed some winter photos a few years back, and we posted some postcards as well, but this was the first time we got a chance to actually visit. We saw only one home which appeared to be inhabited (it… [read more]

  • Eldridge, ND

    Eldridge, ND

    By / May 26, 2013 / Eldridge, ND

    Located in Stutsman County just a few minutes west of Jamestown, Eldridge is a very small community of perhaps a dozen residents. Eldridge began as Burton in 1879 but was renamed in honor of a local Bonanza farmer a year later. At one time, Eldridge was home to nearly 100 residents. We originally became aware… [read more]

  • Berlin, North Dakota

    Derelict Firehouse in Berlin, North Dakota

    By / July 15, 2012 / Berlin, ND

    Berlin, North Dakota is a small town in Lamoure County in southeastern North Dakota. Although many of the structures which once existed in Berlin are now gone (the school for one), there are some impressive structures still standing. Sabrina Hornung contributed a few photos of Berlin in 2011. In the summer of 2012 we were able… [read more]

  • Sheyenne River Academy

    Sheyenne River Academy

    By / July 8, 2012 / Points of Interest

    Sheyenne River Academy opened its doors on this site north of Harvey in 1904 and was in operation until the end of the 1976 school year.  It was a Seventh Day Adventist secondary school.  The new location known as Dakota Adventist Academy opened in 1977 near Bismarck. The present owner of the property is using… [read more]

  • Manfred, North Dakota

    Manfred: Six Years Later

    By / May 14, 2012 / Manfred, ND

    Manfred is a near-ghost town just off Highway 52 between Minot and Jamestown.  We visited Manfred previously in 2006, and decided to stop again for an overdue visit on our way to north central North Dakota. Manfred is home to about five residents these days, and several of them are doing a fantastic job at… [read more]

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