• Sheldon, North Dakota

    Morning in Sheldon, North Dakota

    By / September 8, 2014 / Sheldon, ND

    I was on the road to deliver some books this morning and I decided to stop in Sheldon because I’d seen the old bank once before and I wanted to shoot it.  It’s not a ghost town, not even close, the population in 2010 was over 100, but I’m always on the lookout for good… [read more]

  • Venturia, North Dakota

    More Venturia, North Dakota

    By / February 22, 2014 / Venturia, ND

    We captured these photos of Venturia, North Dakota in May of 2011.  According to Don, the town’s barkeep at the Duck Inn, Venturia has 21 residents. These are some additional shots that didn’t make it into the main Venturia gallery. Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

  • Omemee, North Dakota

    When Omemee Was a Town

    By / January 15, 2014 / Omemee, ND

    We first learned about Omemee, North Dakota, a ghost town in Bottineau County, through contributors Mark Johnson and Tom Tolman, who contributed photos of Omemee as it looked around the turn of the millennium.  Those images were all we had ever seen of Omemee until quite recently.  Despite all the time we spend rummaging around… [read more]

  • Freda, North Dakota

    Abandoned: Freda, North Dakota

    By / August 6, 2013 / Freda, ND

    Freda, North Dakota is a true ghost town in Grant County about 35 miles southwest of Bismarck.  Freda started out as a Milwaukee Railroad town, and once had a population  of 50 plus its own bank. Today it is totally abandoned with the remains of its depot crumbling in the elements. There is one other… [read more]

  • np-depot-1906-07

    More of the Fargo Waldorf

    By / January 6, 2013 / Points of Interest

    We added a postcard of the Fargo Waldorf as it looked in 1911 a few days ago.  Here are a few more looks at this long gone Fargo landmark.  In the first postcard below from 1906 or ’07, the Northern Pacific Depot is center-left, and the Waldorf is the four-story building center-right.  This view is… [read more]

  • 078

    Another Look at Hanks

    By / October 7, 2012 / Hanks, ND

    Clif Nelson contributed these photos of Hanks, North Dakota, a near-ghost town in Williams County — population one. Clif’s comments: “It was never much of a town, but they had coal mines north of town and grain elevatorsin the early 1900’s.  My Grandfather Anton Nelson who farmed about 7 miles northwest of Hanks would haul a load… [read more]

  • Pingree, North Dakota

    Pingree, ND

    By / May 13, 2012 / Pingree, ND

    Pingree is a small town in Stutsman County, northwest of Jamestown.  According to the 2010 Census, Pingree is home to 60 residents.  Pingree was founded in 1881 and reached a peak population of 268 residents in 1920. We didn’t have plans to visit Pingree, but we saw a few photo opportunities from the highway and… [read more]

  • venturia20

    Venturia, ND

    By / May 30, 2011 / Venturia, ND

    Venturia is located in a very sparsely populated region of the state, near the South Dakota border and just east of the Missouri river, near Ashley. When we arrived in Venturia, we were excited by the photo opportunities but we needed a break from the rain.  It took us a few minutes of sitting in… [read more]

  • cars-n-horses

    Postcards from the Edge of North Dakota

    By / February 6, 2011 / Marmarth, ND

    Slope County This is a simple truth. There is no greater pleasure per penny than searching through a box of old postcards in an antique store. A little hard on the lower back if you’re wearing the wrong pair of shoes, but pleasurable none-the-less. Here are a few old postcards featuring scenes from Marmarth. Year… [read more]

  • bordulac1

    Bordulac, ND

    By / June 24, 2010 / Bordulac, ND

    Foster County Inhabited as of 6/10 Thank you to Dustin Person and Durton Koble for contributing these photos of Bordulac. Dustin’s comments: I was really surprised by this town as well, the population is around 15-20, and the elevator and bar & grill are the only businesses in town. The white building was the Bordulac… [read more]

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