• Fairview Lift Bridge

    Cartwright Tunnel and Fairview Lift Bridge

    By / July 30, 2014 / Points of Interest

    This is a small sampling of photos from our visit to Fairview Lift Bridge and Cartwright Tunnel in July of 2014. If you’re interested in the history of this lift bridge, which was only raised once, you can check out our previous gallery featuring photos and captions from our friend R. David Adams, or you… [read more]

  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    The Badlands of Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    By / August 12, 2013 / Badlands, Special Features

    The North Dakota Badlands cover the southwestern third of the state and are part of a larger range of badlands which stretch south to White Butte and into South Dakota’s Badlands National Park.  These photos were taken in the South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, near Medora, North Dakota. There is a certain romance… [read more]

  • Medora, North Dakota

    Medora, North Dakota

    By / August 9, 2013 / Badlands, Medora, ND

    Medora, North Dakota is the leading tourist attraction in the state, so perhaps it’s apropos the population is only 112.  This is the biggest, most diverse little town you’ll ever visit — the hotel rooms outnumber the bedrooms in this town, and the streets are chock full — complete with antique and gift shops, saloons,… [read more]

  • Painted Canyon, Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    Badlands Part One: Painted Canyon

    By / August 7, 2013 / Badlands, Special Features

    Painted Canyon Visitor Center is right off the north side of Interstate 94, a few miles east of Medora.  If you’re entering the Badlands from the east, this is your first chance to get a look at them from a scenic overlook, and it is amazing. A more extensive gallery of the badlands as you… [read more]

  • North American Bison

    North American Bison of Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    By / August 5, 2013 / Badlands, Special Features

    During their historic journey to the Pacific, Lewis and Clark reported enormous herds of North American Bison in the midwest, so large that they “darkened the whole plains.”  Wagon trains sometimes waited days for passage through herds numbering in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions.  But by the early 1900’s the bison were reaching… [read more]

  • North American Bison

    Driving Through a Herd of North American Bison in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    By / August 4, 2013 / Badlands, Special Features

    On our recent visit to North Dakota’s southwest corner, we spent some time in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora, and we were reminded of the magic of the Badlands. For anyone who lives in eastern North Dakota in the flat lands which were once the bottom of glacial Lake Agassiz, it’s easy to forget… [read more]

  • White Butte

    White Butte

    By / March 30, 2013 / Badlands, Points of Interest

    White Butte is the highest point in the state of North Dakota at 3,506 feet above sea level. The peak is on private land and is not staffed. Of the 50 state highpoints, only seven are on private land — North Dakota, Nebraska, Maryland, Louisiana, Kansas, Indiana and Illinois. There is no development of any kind at… [read more]

  • ski jump 1

    Devils Lake Ski Jump

    By / October 6, 2012 / Points of Interest

    This is the former Devils Lake Ski Jump, about 10 miles south of Devils Lake at Sully’s Hill. This ski jump opened in 1931 and operated on and off into the early eighties. Based on what we saw, we can conclusively say a jump from the end of this thing would have been terrifying. There’s… [read more]

  • jensen-cabin2

    Jensen Cabin at Wadeson Park

    By / June 16, 2012 / Points of Interest

    This cabin was built in 1878 by Norwegian immigrant Carl Bjerke Jensen, made from hand-hewn oak.  The cabin and the land were donated to the State Historical Society by the Wadeson family in 1957.  This cabin was in pretty bad shape until it was restored in 1981. I stumbled upon this place while taking a drive near… [read more]

  • drive-in

    Drive-In Fever

    After we posted our photos of Stardust 17 Drive-In in Grafton, it became pretty clear that you got bit by the Drive-In bug like we did… because we got lots of comments, questions, and emails about Drive-In Theaters. As we mentioned in that post, there is only one operating drive-in theater in the state of North… [read more]

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