• Medora, North Dakota

    Medora, North Dakota

    By / August 9, 2013 / Badlands, Medora, ND

    Medora, North Dakota is the leading tourist attraction in the state, so perhaps it’s apropos the population is only 112.  This is the biggest, most diverse little town you’ll ever visit — the hotel rooms outnumber the bedrooms in this town, and the streets are chock full — complete with antique and gift shops, saloons,… [read more]

  • fordville1

    Passing Through Fordville

    By / August 19, 2011 / Points of Interest

    Fordville just happened to be on our route as we explored a few towns in Walsh and Ramsey counties.  It is not a ghost town or a near-ghost town… more like Pleasantville.  According to the 2000 Census, Fordville had 266 residents, shrinking to 212 in 2010. The most prominent landmark was the Ford Theater, a… [read more]

  • stardust7

    Stardust 17 Drive-In

    By / August 15, 2011 / Points of Interest

    In the course of his travels, Terry stumbled upon the Stardust 17 Drive-In on the west side of Grafton.  The Stardust held 300 cars and hosted movie showings for decades. According to one online account, the Stardust 17’s screen blew down in a windstorm in October of 1991.  There were some initial discussions about getting the drive-in… [read more]

  • depot-heidi-ermer-feat

    Hamberg Flashback

    By / May 8, 2010 / Hamberg, ND

    These postcards of Hamberg were contributed by Heidi Ermer.  Year unknown.   The Hamberg Opera House

  • auditorium

    Marmarth, ND

    Slope County Inhabited as of 5-07 Marmarth, ND is a Badlands town in Slope County in the extreme southwest corner of the state. Marmarth is one of the more populous towns we’ve photographed with 130 people according to the 2010 Census, but minimum conveniences. Marmarth has lost 190 residents since 1960. There’s an exhilarating old… [read more]

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