The End of the Calvin Masonic Lodge

By / June 1, 2014 / Calvin, ND

We visited this Masonic lodge, AF & AM Corinthian Lodge, Number 78, in 2006 in Calvin, North Dakota, and got photos with no idea that it would soon be gone.  Mariah Masilko took these photos in 2012.

Calvin, North Dakota

Sometime between our visit in 2006, and Mariah’s shots in 2012, the upper floor had collapsed.

Calvin, North Dakota

See this lodge when it was still standing.

Calvin, North Dakota

While the rest of the lodge had collapsed, the piano would not yield.

Calvin, North Dakota

The ruins of this lodge stood for several years in Calvin.

Calvin, North Dakota

In May of 2014, the property owner burned the remaining ruins of this lodge in Calvin.

Calvin, North Dakota Calvin, North Dakota Calvin, North Dakota Order Books Calvin, North Dakota Calvin, North Dakota Calvin, North Dakota Calvin, North Dakota

Photos by Mariah Masilko
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Alicia Underlee Nelson

Have you ever checked out the old Masonic Temple in Jamestown? At least, I’m reasonably sure it’s Masonic — the painters weren’t sure. I had no clue about any of the organization’s symbolism or history, but a quick glance around gave me the best kind of chills. It’s an incredible space.


Aw. How Sad. My Great Grandparents were from Calvin. I believe my Great Grandmother died in a house fire after they moved off the farm into town. My Grandmother, Mom and all their siblings were born and raised there. We would go visit my Gr. Aunt and Gr. Uncle until they finally moved off the farm in the late 70s. It was a ghost town even then. I did not appreciate the quiet little community until I was an adult. It has been a decade or more since I went and looked at Calvin. Most of my families homes were gone then, but the Lodge was still standing guard to the little empty town.


The circles next to the Mason symbol appear to be part of the Odd Fellows logo – so it could have been used by them as well?


They are not actually circles, but the first part of the lodge name, “Corinthian.” They do look a bit like the circles in the Odd Fellows logo, now that you point it out though!


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