Ardoch, ND

  • Ardoch City Hall

    Ardoch, ND

    By / September 23, 2012 / Ardoch, ND

    Ardoch is a town of around 60 residents in Walsh County.  We visited Ardoch once before to photograph the quite impressive Mondry Elevator, a visit during which we spent quite a bit of time looking for a phone lost in the tall grass.  Since I was in the area again, I decided to stop in… [read more]

  • mondry1

    Mondry Elevator in Ardoch

    By / August 16, 2011 / Ardoch, ND

    We stopped in Ardoch primarily to photograph the elevator which Terry had been wanting to shoot for some time.  We drove into town past the city hall and a little yapper dog promptly ran right in front of Terry’s car and stopped.  He just stood there staring at us.  So Terry started to back up,… [read more]

  • kerr-family-homestead

    Kerr Family Homestead

    By / July 8, 2010 / Ardoch, ND

    As I was going through my email account and flagging all of the photo submissions we’ve received, I came across this photo which had somehow been overlooked. The original was wrinkled and severely faded, and had a child’s scribble marks on it. You can still see some hints of that, but I spent several hours… [read more]

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