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Walsh County
Inhabited as of 9/12

Ardoch, ND ?>

Ardoch, ND

Ardoch is a town of around 60 residents in Walsh County.  We visited Ardoch once before to photograph the quite impressive Mondry Elevator, a visit during which we spent quite a bit of time looking for a phone lost in the tall grass.  Since I was in the area again, I decided to stop in for a better look. There are an unusually high number of trailer homes in Ardoch, both inhabited and abandoned.  Most of the historic structures are…

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Mondry Elevator in Ardoch ?>

Mondry Elevator in Ardoch

We stopped in Ardoch primarily to photograph the elevator which Terry had been wanting to shoot for some time.  We drove into town past the city hall and a little yapper dog promptly ran right in front of Terry’s car and stopped.  He just stood there staring at us.  So Terry started to back up, and a second dog joined the first in circling around his car.  We were kinda stuck, not able to go forward or backward very quickly…

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Kerr Family Homestead ?>

Kerr Family Homestead

As I was going through my email account and flagging all of the photo submissions we’ve received, I came across this photo which had somehow been overlooked. The original was wrinkled and severely faded, and had a child’s scribble marks on it. You can still see some hints of that, but I spent several hours cleaning it up, restoring the contrast, and removing the wrinkles from the photo. What I ended up with is the photo you see here. It…

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