Blabon, ND

  • Blabon, North Dakota

    Two Views of Blabon, 97 Years Apart

    By / November 29, 2013 / Blabon, ND

    These two dramatically different views of Blabon, North Dakota vividly depict how quickly things changed for some small North Dakota railroad communities in the twentieth century. The postcard above was sent to Olaf Andersen in Detroit on October 4th, 1916 with a message written in a foreign language. The photo by C.A. Sund reveals an… [read more]

  • Blabon, North Dakota

    Blabon: Ten Years Later

    By / October 26, 2013 / Blabon, ND

    In October of 2003, we visited Blabon, North Dakota, a tiny near-ghost town in Steele County with a handful of residents, and it was the first stop on what would become a ten-year exploration of North Dakota’s ghost towns and abandoned places. ┬áToday, we returned to Blabon after ten years to snap some photos and… [read more]

  • blabonhouserev

    Blabon, ND

    By / October 28, 2004 / Blabon, ND

    Steele County Inhabited as of 10/04 Blabon, ND is in Steele County, not far from another ghost town on this site, Sherbrooke, ND. Blabon is the first ghost town we ever investigated. It is presently inhabited by approximately 8 to 12 people. As many as three houses were clearly occupied and one trailer home had… [read more]

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