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Mountrail County
Abandoned in 1953

Underwater Ghost Towns of the North Dakota Missouri River ?>

Underwater Ghost Towns of the North Dakota Missouri River

The construction of Garrison Dam flooded the Missouri River Valley and created Lake Sakakawea, something we’ve covered before in posts about Sanish and Four Bears Bridge.  We’ve photographed both a church and a home that once stood in Elbowoods — structures that were moved to higher ground to avoid the flood. Here’s a graphic, based on a Google Earth satellite shot, showing the Missouri River Valley pre and post Garrison Dam, and the former towns which had to be evacuated. There are…

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Sanish Rodeo and More ?>

Sanish Rodeo and More

Sanish is no more.  It disappeared beneath the waves when the Garrison Dam created Lake Sakakawea and we’ve spent some time collecting photos of old Sanish when it still existed.  These photos were sent in by Don Hammer, scans he got from a friend’s scrap book years ago. These are mostly in the 1950 to ’53 era. More than any other event, Sanish was known for the Sanish rodeo.  Click the photo above until you see the full-size enlargement and…

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Before the Flood: Leaving Sanish, North Dakota ?>

Before the Flood: Leaving Sanish, North Dakota

We’ve posted several galleries dedicated to Sanish, North Dakota, the former Missouri River town that was dismantled timber and brick and dispersed to higher ground when the Garrison Dam was erected, flooding this part of the Missouri River Valley.  There’s a gallery dedicated to the construction of Four Bears Bridge, our visit to the crumbling remains during historic low water levels in 2005, a Christmas in Sanish gallery, and a look down the street in front of the school and…

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Christmas in Sanish ?>

Christmas in Sanish

These photos of Christmas in Sanish, North Dakota come from Staci Roe, who came upon them in a hospital rummage sale and saved them from the trash. They are from the estate of Marvin L Knapp and the photographer is unknown.  Photos of the construction of the footings for Four Bears Bridge were in the same collection. These photos were taken around sixty-five years ago, which means all but the youngest of the people in these photos have passed on,…

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Building Four Bears Bridge ?>

Building Four Bears Bridge

Mighty rivers require mighty bridges and several impressive examples have spanned the North Dakota stretch of the Missouri River.  The river valley near the former town of Sanish has been home to several.  First, the Verendrye Bridge, a steel truss bridge completed in 1927, crossed the Missouri at Sanish.  In 1934, the first bridge to be known as Four Bears Bridge was built downstream near the town of Elbowoods.  They served North Dakota dependably through the thirties and forties. In…

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Lost Beneath the Lake: Sanish, North Dakota ?>

Lost Beneath the Lake: Sanish, North Dakota

Old Sanish, North Dakota came to an end in 1953, when the river valley it occupied for over half a century became the bottom of North Dakota’s newest reservoir, Lake Sakakawea. Sanish’s residents left for higher ground, as did the residents of other low-lying towns like Van Hook and Elbowoods.  Buildings were demolished and the land flooded as the reservoir filled behind Garrison Dam. A new Sanish was founded up the hill, but most residents settled elsewhere. We photographed some…

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Ten Lost North Dakota Places ?>

Ten Lost North Dakota Places

It’s always a thrill to see enthusiastic residents get involved in saving historically and culturally significant places in their communities, but in North Dakota’s vanishing small towns, the losses frequently outnumber the wins by a significant margin. It’s something we’ve seen time and again in over ten years of photographing North Dakota. What follows is our personal list, by no means exhaustive, of ten significant North Dakota places that have unfortunately lost their battle with time. 1. The Opp House…

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Sanish Rises from Beneath the Waves ?>

Sanish Rises from Beneath the Waves

This page refers to Old Sanish, ND, not to be confused with the present town of Sanish. Old Sanish was a thriving North Dakota town until 1953, when town residents began to evacuate to higher ground due to the flooding of the reservoir behind the newly-built Garrison Dam. Not long after, Sanish succumbed to the rising waters and the townsite disappeared beneath the waves of Lake Sakakawea. Although some residents established “New Sanish” just across the highway on higher ground,…

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