Straubville, North Dakota

Ten More Lost North Dakota Places

Sometimes we photograph a place and find out years later that it’s gone, sometimes the place is gone by the time we get there.  But the one constant is that the list of places is growing all the time.

Here’s another list (the original is here) of ten more significant North Dakota places that have unfortunately lost their battle with time.

Heaton, North Dakota

1. Heaton’s Main Street

Heaton has gone down quickly over the last decade, with most of their abandoned buildings razed and only one resident remaining.

2. Calvin Corinthian Lodge

In the time since Terry photographed this Corinthian Lodge in Calvin, North Dakota in 2006, this place has collapsed.  It’s only a matter of time before it’s gone completely.

3. Eastedge House

This house is one of only two structures remaining on the Eastedge townsite, and it won’t stand much longer.

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4. Isabel School

Isabel School, and the store across the road, have been gone a long time, and we’ve never even seen photos of them.  If you have any you’d like to share, please contact us.

5. Omemee

Contributor Mark Johnson took a photo that allowed us to do the above animation of one of the few remaining structures in Omemee, North Dakota.  It’s a true ghost town and the elements have been hard on this place.  It won’t be around many more years.

6. Most of Straubville

Straubville is a true ghost town with zero population, and most of the buildings, if they haven’t already collapsed, are crumbling.

7. Fargo Waldorf

The Fargo Waldorf was in the perfect location — directly across the street from the Northern Pacific train depot.  It was destroyed by fire on December 19th, 1951.


8. Munster Schoolhouse

We set out to photograph this schoolhouse in October of 2012 at the end of the driest summer ever in the state, and when we arrived, we were shocked to see the school has recently burned.

9. Falsen School

Just the facade remains of the Falsen School in Verendrye, North Dakota.

1o. Lincoln Valley gas station

The filling station, the post office, and several other buildings on the block are now gone in Lincoln Valley.

Bonus Place: Lincoln Valley church

We know very little about this church.  Please feel free to comment if you know anything about it.  There did not appear to be wreckage of this church lying around, which makes us wonder whether it was moved somewhere.

6 Responses to “Ten More Lost North Dakota Places”
  1. john` says:

    When are you going to feature Concrete. ND?

  2. Jason says:

    I’m not sure what happened with the Lincoln Valley church (wonderful old photo, by the way), but as you saw, only the foundation and cellar/basement remains, and for some reason, it’s currently being used as a garbage pit. I believe it was a Lutheran church and most likely had sermons in German since several Lincoln Valley residents (I was told) only spoke German at the time. I will ask around for more info. My great-grandmother’s house was (and is still standing) on this same street, on the west side, all the way at the end, to the south. Also, the Lincoln Valley filling station was, I believe, also a pool hall with a bar and had an ice cream parlor. My mother and her family walked there (for ice cream) many times from the Opp home.

  3. Sue Kennell says:

    This is an awesome web site! I live in Max, ND, and I’m very interested in the history of this beautiful state. I’m so glad I found your site! :)

    Sue Kennell

  4. Don Schmalz says:

    I was raised in Western N Dak-kind’ve between Grassy Butte and Killdeer and south of the Killdeer Mtn-maybe 9 miles! I was wondering why FAYETTE wasn’t shown in the towns that have disappeared!? It used to be our address (about halfway between Grassy Butte and Manning?)

  5. Larry Munson says:

    My family lived in Heaton in the old Northern Pacific Section House during the 1950’s which were most of my childhood years…..I have many happy memories of riding my bicycle around the area with friends and the games we used to play with the whole town as our playground….several businesses were still thriving at that time with the town being a important meeting place for the surrounding farmers….many memories….so sad to see it disappearing….

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