Whitman, North Dakota

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Whitman, North Dakota is in Nelson County, about thirty minutes east of Devils Lake. We had Whitman on our list when we visited neighboring Bartlett in 2011, but we had to cut it from our list that day due to time constraints.

Whitman, North Dakota Whitman, North Dakota

Whitman got some national press for their centennial celebration in 2012. The population was reported as two. Judging by the lack of activity we saw the day we visited, that seems accurate, and it puts Whitman in a small club of places, just hanging on with their last few residents… places like Merricourt, Sanger, Hanks, and Heaton.  All have populations of two or fewer.

Whitman, North Dakota Whitman, North Dakota Whitman, North Dakota store-bannerWhitman, North DakotaWhitman, North Dakota

The banner on the garage is from the centennial in 2012 and it reads: “Dahlen on the Soo, Whitman in the Slough.  See you in two zero one two.”

Whitman, North Dakota

Despite the lack of residents, Whitman has an active, very well-kept Lutheran church in the center of town.

Whitman, North Dakota

Sarnia United Lutheran Church

Whitman, North Dakota

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

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Clif Nelson

My family was from North of Whitman,my father Clifford Nelson grew up there and is buried in the West Sarnia cemetery after living in Adams,N.D. most of his adult life…My Uncle Lionel Nelson and his family lived there in the late 40’s and early 50’s where my Aunt Hilda Nelson taught school in Whitman…We as a family visited many relatives and friends in and nearby Whitman when we were children………Iworked on the Whitman Dam in the 60’s and drank beer in Rysavy’s bar and my friend Wayne dated their daughter a few times,Elaine,I think it was…..Many memories of Whitman,I lived 23 miles north of Whitman on Hwy.#35 for 32 years,leaving in 2011.


I couldn’t even tell you how many elevaters my dad made in North Dakota they are so beautiful and just remembering bringing him lunches and going up and down the elevater and watching the grain trucks get weighed…good ole times!

Marvin Helland Jr.

Hello clif
I think you or you father bought a 70 dodge charger from me severa years back ??
The house by the church in this picture was where my grand parents lived.
And the garage in the pics is Earl Johnson’s where my father worked in the early 60’s .

Jim Brandon

My grandfather Peter Aardahl was the manager of the Equity Elevator and Trading co. In Whitman. My mother Margaret, and siblings Norman, Henry, Leslie,Clay, Maynard and Joyce Lived there I believe from 1916 to 1936.
margaret, Clay, and Joyce are still living as of December 1914.

wayne dahlen

My dad used to get bulk fuel from Peachy in Whitman….

Question:…. what was the name of the “ghostown” between Whitman and Dahlen… something like Torville?


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